Charlotte's Web Sponsors ValidCare's Research of CBD

Study addresses the FDA's prior public questions about CBD products.

Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. (TSX: CWEB), the company behind the world's most trusted hemp extract™ and the CBD industry market leader, announced its sponsorship, with six other CBD brands, of ValidCare's scientific study, to address the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) prior public questions about CBD products.  ValidCare will be conducting a human trial study to ascertain if daily use of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD or CBD isolate has any impact on the human liver. In its report to Congress dated March 5, 2020, the FDA requested additional science-based data from the CBD industry. The ValidCare study will provide third-party scientific data intended to directly address some of the FDA specific requests.

This is a particularly important time for research on the science behind hemp-derived CBD as we advocate for FDA regulation of our category.Tim Orr, Vice President of Innovation for Charlotte's Web

"As the market share leader, anchored in science, sponsoring ValidCare's study made strategic sense for us," said Deanie Elsner, Chief Executive Officer for Charlotte's Web. "This research will provide important clinical data to guide our entire industry while also showing the FDA we've heard their requests and are answering their questions with precise data."

Charlotte's Web is one of only seven companies that agreed to participate in and fund this important research, out of more than 100 that were invited to take part.

"Charlotte's Web invests in scientific research, including internal and external independent studies such as ValidCare's. Prioritizing the science is essential to ensuring product safety, effectiveness and consumer trust," said Tim Orr, Vice President of Innovation for Charlotte's Web.

To learn more about Charlotte's Web Holdings, visit the company HQ here.

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