CBD Oil Extraction: the Rise of a New Technological and Research-Based Market

Legalisation of cannabis-based CBD products, rising preferences of oil and tinctures extracted from cannabis, adoption of CBD-based products in various medical treatments, and growing retail sectors will likely enhance the growth of the CBD oil extract market in the forecast period of 2020-2027.

A growing number of research activities along with government approvals will further boost various opportunities that will lead to the growth of the CBD oil extract market in the near future.

With every new market CBD expands into, an ever greater need for regulatory safeguards come into play to ensure safety and consistency of the quality of products in the market.

This draws attention to the innovative extraction and production methods being developed and employed by CBD companies

Cannabis extraction has grown to be a field of great importance within the modern cannabis industry. Extracts of cannabidiol (CBD) have become an enduring part of the medical cannabis space, but also whole plant extracts and cannabis terpenes have been playing an important role in this market and the extraction stage can be a key to the quality and application of the final product.

Cannabis consumption in recent years has evolved from a primarily flower-dominant market to more canna-curious consumers dabbling with edibles, vapes and topicals. For these more technologically advanced products, it is vital for consumer brands to use accurate extraction methods to ensure consistent dosing and consumption experiences.

When it comes to cannabis edibles and consumables, outstanding quality, purity and solvent free products are required, as consumers demand a pharmaceutical or food grade for these types of products.

Precision Extraction Solutions Founder Nick Tennant started his company after recognising this unique problem early in his career.

The legal cannabis industry is nearly unrecognizable compared to where it started out almost a decade ago. The market is beginning to resemble mainstream industries that are flooded with specific products and technologies that address the needs of every type of consumer. However, in order for cannabis to be on equal footing with mainstream brands, companies must find a way to make the consumption experience as reliable and consistent as possible. Nick Tennant – Founder of Precision Extraction

The three most popular extraction techniques to be adopted by the cannabis industry are alcohol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and supercritical CO2 extraction; but there are several niche alternatives that are beginning to gather attention from industry leaders, allowing the cannabis industry to break free from the extraction methods of the past to experiment with new and exciting and highly technological approaches, both from machinery and chemical perspectives.

From high technological equipment, advanced research-based methodology to precise solvents for purification and extraction, this new high-tech market is a promise for canna investors and something to keep an eye on for the CBD oil companies.

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Camila Ferezin
Camila Ferezin

Camila Ferezin is a PhD student in Cell and Molecular Biology. She holds a BA in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry and has been working with Research and Development, both in the Academic environment and Pharma company. She is passionate about Science and loves to talk about Chemistry, Biology and Physics.