CBD as an Alternative Treatment Therapy For Pets: Is it Legal?

Is it safe to give cannabidiol (CBD) to your pets? As the cannabis-derived compound grows in popularity, many are wondering whether their best friend could benefit from having some.

If anything topped the list of favorite topics, undoubtedly, it has to be CBD. The craze around this ingredient is growing leaps and bounds. People are not skeptical about cannabinoids anymore. In fact, more people are switching to this ingredient since the chemical counterparts are no longer a choice.

Did you know that this cannabinoid has a role to play in pet health as well? Yes! CBD oil isn't beneficial to humans only. It can be an effective alternative health remedy for cats, dogs, and even horses.

But the question of this hour is—Is CBD Oil Legal? To find out more, please keep scrolling through!

CBD Oil For Pets- Decoding Legalities

This is the most confusing aspect of CBD. Many people don't understand the difference between the products available in the market and buy the ones that might have some legalities associated with them. For example, if you opt for marijuana CBD, you'll have to check the legalization guidelines of your state. Additionally, you must have a recommendation letter from a licensed marijuana doctor to use such a product.

But that's not the case with CBD extracted from hemp. If you wish to use CBD oil for cat anxiety, choosing hemp-derived products won't cause any legal issues. Since it contains no or less than 0.3% THC, it automatically becomes legal in every aspect. So, if anyone asks, "Is CBD oil legal?" the answer would be "yes" and a "no."


It's because some states even consider hemp-derived CBD oil as an illegal substance. So, please check your state's legalization rules and act accordingly. To help you more, please scroll down to know more about CBD laws in some states.

  • CBD oil in Texas: If your product contains THC no greater than 0.3%, you can legally use CBD oil.
  • CBD oil in Ohio: If you purchase CBD online, it might be illegal.
  • CBD oil in Florida: Like Texas, Florida authorities also allow using hemp-derived CBD oil. You can even take the help of veterinarians to prove the health angle for your pet.
  • CBD oil in New York: Medical marijuana is legal in New York. This is why hemp-derived CBD oil is also legal.
  • CBD oil in California: This state allows individuals to use cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. So, you can easily opt for hemp-derived CBD without any legal implications.

Besides these states, you can easily use CBD oil derived from hemp in states like Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Washington (D.C.).

In the End: Is CBD Oil Legal?

The answer is "yes." But hold on! Only if you reside in a cannabis or hemp-friendly state that allows you or your pet to consume CBD oil. Hopefully, the information provided above will help make an informed decision for yourself and your pet. Still, it would be good to talk to a medical marijuana doctor or a veterinarian to understand more about the product and the legalities.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.