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No one scams me of my marijuana

I honestly feel this is one compelling argument for recreational legalisation, scratch that, the lifting of prohibition. And, it's one pretty cool story too. So...
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Ontario opens the supply floodgates

As I’ve mentioned before, California’s legalisation launch on January 1 this year has been pretty much an underwhelming failure. Lack of supply is highest...
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Marching on towards the 7th of June

MedMen goes public, more companies release their Q1 results, Canopy Growth goes global for the 5th time, and Aurora release their highest THC strain. 

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Don’t bank on it

Without a doubt, political support for legal cannabis is mounting, however none of this matters, as the biggest problem facing the industry is still not even close to being resolved:


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The beginning of the end for Prohibition?

With President Trump promising Sen Gardner of Colorado that he will support state-legal marijuana protections, one might think this is the beginning of the end for prohibition. Is it? And if so, what does it look like?