Canopy Growth Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 Financial Results

Canopy burn through 50% of their cash in the last 6 months, how do the next 6 months look?

Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC) today announced its financial results for the second quarter fiscal 2021 ended September 30, 2020.  All financial information in this press release is reported in millions of Canadian dollars, unless otherwise indicated.

Our renewed strategy of winning consumer mindshare, along with increased agility and execution, has resulted in record net revenue for the second quarter and momentum across key areas of business  David Klein, CEO

Mr Klein went on to say "Canopy Growth is positioned for continued growth as we establish a strong leadership position that is showcased through our vast portfolio of differentiated brands and products – including our industry leading cannabis-infused beverages."

"We saw another quarter of improvement in our operating expense ratio while our marketing and R&D investments are being re-directed to drive sales," added Mike Lee, CFO. "Importantly, our end-to-end review has identified cost savings opportunities in the range of $150-$200 million across cost of goods sold, general and administrative expenses, and inventory, and efforts are underway to quickly capture value.  Leveraging ongoing improvements across our business, we are accelerating our path to profitability, notably in our largest market, Canada."

Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 Financial Summary

Net revenueGross margin percentageNet lossAdjusted EBITDA1Free cash flow2
vs. Q2 202077%1,400 bps(140%)43%57%
1 Adjusted EBITDA is a non-GAAP measure. See "Non-GAAP Measures".
Free cash flow is a non-GAAP measure. See "Non-GAAP Measures".

Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 Corporate Financial Highlights

  • Revenues: We achieved record quarterly net revenue of $135.3 million in Q2 2021 driven by increase in Canadian recreational revenue, continued strength in Storz & Bickel ("S&B") vaporizer sales and ThisWorks, and contribution from BioSteel, which was acquired in October 2019. Growth versus the prior year period also benefited from favorable comparison, as Q2 2020 results included a $32.7 million charge for returns, return provisions and pricing allowances primarily related to restructuring the Company's recreational softgel & oil portfolio. Adjusting for Q2 2020 charge, net sales increased 24% versus Q2 2020.
  • Gross margin: Gross margin of 19% was up 1,400bps versus Q2 2020. Gross margin during Q2 2021 compared to Q1 2021 was impacted by an unfavorable business mix driven by lower contribution from International Medical business and continued lower production output, partially offset by lower inventory adjustment.
  • Operating expenses: Total SG&A ("SG&A") expenses declined by 19% versus Q2 2020, driven by year-over-year reductions in Sales & Marketing and General & Administrative ("G&A") expenses, partially offset by higher Research & Development ("R&D") expenses. Sales & Marketing expense decline of 30% reflects lower compensation expenses resulting from corporate restructuring actions taken earlier in the year, delayed or cancelled marketing activities and reduced travel-related expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. G&A expenses decreased by 26%, while R&D expenses rose by 19% mainly driven by ongoing research studies that commenced after Q2 2020. Excluding Acquisition-related costs of $3.5 million, SG&A expenses declined by 20% versus Q2 2020. Share-based Compensation expenses decreased 76% over Q2 2020.
  • Net Loss: Net loss of $96.6 million in Q2 2021, a $339.2 million wider loss versus Q2 2020, was driven by lower other income.
  • Adjusted EBITDA: Adjusted EBITDA loss was $85.7 million in Q2 2021, compared to a loss of $150.4 million in Q2 2020 driven by higher revenue and lower operating expenses.
  • Cash Position: Cash and Short-term Investments amounted to $1.722 billion at September 30, 2020, representing a decrease of $254 million from $1.976 billion at March 31, 2020 reflecting the EBITDA loss and capital investments.

Business & Operational Highlights

  • Strengthened competitive positioning in Canada recreational market:
    • Our Canada recreational market share (covering British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador) increased to 15.5% during Q2 2021, up 200 bps versus Q1 2021, based on our internal market share tracking tool. Notably, our market share grew by 190 bps in Ontario and 140bps in British Columbia, while it declined by 40 bps in Alberta in Q2 2021 vs Q1 2021.
    • We grew our market share in the flower category by 320bps during Q2 2021 vs. Q1 2021. Twd. continued to drive market share gains in the growing value flower segment, as market share of value flower sold in Ontario more than doubled to 13.7%.
    • Established leadership position in cannabis-infused beverage segment during Q2 2021, commanding a 54% dollar share with five Ready-to- Drink ("RTD") THC cannabis beverages under Tweed, Houseplant and DeepSpace brands in the Canadian recreational market. We launched Quatreau RTD CBD beverages across Canada in the current quarter. To date, over 2.0 million beverage units have been shipped since late March 2020.
    • Opened 9 retail stores in Alberta during Q2 2021, bringing the total number of stores carrying the Company's award-winning Tweed and Tokyo Smoke retail banners in Canada to 48 (32 Corporate-owned) at the end of Q2 2021. One additional retail store opened in Alberta in October 2020.
  • Stepped up activities in the U.S. market to drive accelerated revenue growth:
    • Launched Martha Stewart branded health and wellness CBD gummies, oil and soft gels in September 2020. The launch generated significant earned media, which is already driving strong consumer demand. Martha Stewart CBD products are now expanding into brick-and-mortar stores, with a significant number of stores are expected to be added in the coming months.
    • BioSteel signed distribution agreements with leading beverage distribution companies, Reyes Beer Division and Manhattan Beer, alongside several other partnerships through Constellation Brands' distribution network. These distribution agreements will bring BioSteel's ready-to-drink, electrolyte-packed sports hydration beverages to consumers, covering 100% of the US market through direct-store-delivery (DSD) network by early 2021. BioSteel is currently in discussion with a number of large national accounts and expects to have products on shelf across Food/Drug/Mass as well as Convenience & Gas channel over the course of calendar year 2021.
    • Storz & Bickel (S&B) vaporizer products continued to see strong growth driven by both distribution gains and reorders from new US distributors. We have added an additional shift to keep up with demand and plan to triple production capacity by next summer.
    • This Works strengthened direct (, and third-party ecommerce sales channels and launched StressCheck hand sanitizer in U.S. with additional product lines and expanded distribution expected in the coming months.
  • The Company and Acreage Holdings, Inc. ("Acreage") implemented an amended arrangement between the two companies. The amended arrangement reduces the total purchase obligation for Canopy and provides flexibility to majority or total ownership of Acreage upon the occurrence (or waiver by the Company) of changes in federal laws in the United States to permit the general cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana (as defined in the relevant legislation) or to remove the regulation of such activities from the federal laws of the United States. Companies announced initial plans for Acreage to launch THC-Infused beverages in the states of California and Illinois in the summer of 2021.
  • Continuing to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on the health and safety of our employees, business continuity and supporting our communities.

Second Quarter Fiscal 2021 Financial and Operational Review

Revenue by Channel

(in millions of Canadian dollars, unaudited)Q2 2021Q2 2020vs. Q2 2020
Canadian recreational net revenue
      – Business to business1$42.2$8.8380%
      – Business to consumer$18.7$13.143%
Canadian medical net revenue2$13.9$13.07%
International medical revenue$17.5$18.1(3%)
Cannabis net revenue$92.3$53.074%
All other revenue$43.0$23.682%
Net revenue$135.3$76.677%
1 Reflects excise taxes of $14.2 million and other revenue adjustments of $3.8 million for Q2 2021 (Q2 2020 – $7.8 million and $32.7 million, respectively).
2 Reflects excise taxes of $1.4 million (Q2 2020 – $1.2 million).

Revenue by Form

(in millions of Canadian dollars, unaudited)Q2 2021Q2 2020vs. Q2 2020
Canadian recreational net revenue
      – Dry bud1$63.9$59.08%
      – Oils and softgels1$7.0$3.4106%
      – Cannabis 2.0 products2$8.0$-NM
      – Other revenue adjustments3$(3.8)$(32.7)88%
      – Excise taxes$(14.2)$(7.8)(82%)
Global medical net revenue
      – Dry bud$9.0$9.6(6%)
      – Oils and softgels$23.1$22.72%
      – Cannabis 2.0 products2$0.7$-NM
      – Excise taxes$(1.4)$(1.2)(17%)
Cannabis net revenue$92.3$53.074%
All other revenue$43.0$23.682%
Net revenue$135.3$76.677%
1 Excludes the impact of other revenue adjustments.
2 Cannabis 2.0 products include cannabis-infused chocolates, cannabis-infused beverages, and cannabis vape products (including power sources such as rechargeable and compact batteries, ready-to-go vape pens, and cartridges/vape pods)
3 Other revenue adjustments represent the Company's determination of returns and pricing adjustments, and relate to the Canadian recreational business-to-business channel.

Canadian Cannabis

  • Recreational B2B net sales increased by 2% from Q2 2020, adjusting for a $32.7 million charge in Q2 2020 for returns, return provisions and pricing allowances primarily related to restructuring the Company's softgel & oil portfolio. Recreational B2B net sales increased by 21% compared to Q1 2021 driven by store openings across Canada and improved market share performance.
  • Recreational B2C net sales increased 43% over the comparative period due primarily to an increase in number of corporate stores and cannabis 1.0 products (dried flower, oils and soft gels) and cannabis 2.0 products driving increased foot traffic. Recreational B2C net sales essentially doubled versus Q1 2021 as store operations returned to pre-COVID level and we opened up additional stores in Alberta.
  • Canadian medical net revenue increased 7% from Q2 2020 driven primarily by higher average basket size we saw in Q2 2021.

International Cannabis

  • C3 revenue in Q2 2021 decreased 3% over Q2 2020 due to a packaging supply issue with one of the distributors, which has since been resolved.
  • Dried flower sales in Germany decreased 5% in Q2 2021 over Q2 2020 driven by slower market growth and intensifying competition in flower and extract segments.

Strategic Businesses

  • S&B vaporizer revenue in Q2 2021 increased 100% over Q2 2020, benefiting from expanded distribution in the U.S., a broader product portfolio and increased customer demand. S&B is achieving record monthly sales as the business continues to benefit from new US distributors added earlier this year as well as reorders.
  • This Works sales in Q2 2021 increased 34% over Q2 2020 due to strengthened ecommerce sales channel, sell-ins to the UK brick-and-mortar stores ahead of the holiday season and launch of new Stress Check hand sanitizer in the U.S.
  • BioSteel sales benefited from reopening of big box retailers after the pandemic, expanded retail distribution in Canada and the launch of ready-to-drink sports drinks in the U.S. Over half of BioSteel's sales during the period came from the U.S. market.

The second quarter fiscal 2021 and second quarter fiscal 2020 financial results presented in this press release have been prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP.

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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