Canopy Growth Corporation Unveils Next Phase of Social Impact Initiative

Tweed CollectiveTM program is a social impact initiative founded on the principles of sharing economic opportunities, helping to create a greener future and fostering connectivity within communities.

Canopy Growth Corporation is pleased to announce the next phase of its Tweed CollectiveTM program. Canopy Growth previously announced its commitment that over 4 years it would devote $20 million towards social purpose initiatives in communities across Canada.

Through Tweed Collective, Canopy Growth is giving back while also building awareness, understanding and valued relationships with stakeholders, partners, and customers while being mindful of the Company's role in society and as community members and neighbours.

Today, Canadian non-profits, registered charities and business improvement areas are invited to submit their innovative, impactful projects at to be considered for support. The application window will be open for 60 days beginning December 2, 2019.

"Tweed Collective is our commitment to building on our legacy of making a positive impact in all the communities we call home," commented Hilary Black, Chief Advocacy Officer, Canopy Growth.

"We believe that cannabis is a force for good and we hope to lead the industry to help solve social issues that are important for Canadians."Hilary Black, Chief Advocacy Officer, Canopy Growth.

To illustrate the types of projects and programs Tweed Collective is looking to support, Canopy Growth is pleased to announce the first three charities funded through the program. These organizations are transforming the way Canadians live and work in meaningful ways and exemplify Tweed Collective's three impact pillars which are:

  • Grow Opportunities: Local communities prosper when people have access to opportunity. Honouring Canopy Growth's heritage and economic impact on Smiths Falls, Tweed Collective invests in projects and programs that support the development of skills that help Canadians find their path to prosperity. In Newfoundland and New Brunswick, Tweed Collective has partnered with the John Howard Society to support their 'A Step Up' program which provides courses and training certifications to help participants, many of whom have been impacted by the criminal justice system, secure employment and reintegrate into their communities. The John Howard Society plays an important role in Canada through public education, community service and pressing for reform in the criminal justice system.
  • Grow Greener: Green & clean initiatives help build our understanding of the planet and the role that we play in sustainability. Tweed Collective's Grow Greener impact pillar will bring people together to learn, act and share to help create a greener future for all. In British Columbia, Tweed Collective has partnered with Earthwise Society to support their 'Don't Mow, Grow!' program which utilizes Earthwise's experience in organic growing and small-scale farming to transform lawns of any size into eco-friendly, organic food-growing spaces. By partnering with local residents to help them grow food at home, Earthwise replaces resource-hungry lawns with food gardens.
  • Grow Connections: A sense of belonging brings purpose to people's lives and is key to building vibrant communities. As Canopy Growth has expanded, it has strived to keep that sense of family and community that was and is a key driver to its success. Tweed Collective supports projects that encourage connectivity through shared interests, improved accessibility and the creation of welcoming public spaces. In Toronto, Tweed Collective has partnered with the Laneway Project to 'grow connections' by transforming laneways in Toronto into vibrant spaces that are alive with arts and culture, commerce, recreation and community.

To learn more about Canopy Growth visit their Company HQ here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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Niki Mohazeb
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