Cannatrek's Tommy & Emily Discuss Groundbreaking New Medicinal Cannabis App

Cannatrek is a growing Australian medicinal cannabis company that is currently running a hugely successful equity campaign.

Welcome to the tenth episode of The Green Fund's CannaCast! The CannaCast will feature pre-eminent figures within the cannabis space, whether it be entrepreneurs, doctors, chefs, or CEO's of cannabis companies, we will be speaking to the people that have made waves in the cannabis industry.

Today, we're featuring Tommy Huppert and Emily Rigby, both of whom play pivotal roles at the Australian medicinal cannabis company Cannatrek.

Tommy is the founder of Cannatrek, and Emily is the head of R&D at the company, and in this episode of the CannaCast, they both discussed the growing Australian medicinal cannabis industry, Cannatrek's ongoing equity campaign, and the company's plans to develop an app which will streamline patient access for medicinal cannabis products here in Australia.

Cannatrek has a suite of medicinal cannabis products, as well as a host of import agreements with companies like Organigram in Canada, and others in Columbia and Israel, in addition to cultivating 3-5 tonnes of cannabis each year.

Additionally, the company is planning phased construction for one of the "world's largest medicinal cannabis facilities," a behemoth 160,000 square-metre glasshouse facility near the regional town of Shepparton, Victoria. This will be built over a number of stages/phases as the local and global demand builds. The phased model will use solar and "behind the meter" energy-saving solutions to ensure the most efficient use of resources on its fully-owned 178-acre property.

Cannatrek is currently running an equity campaign, which has seen immense interest already – having generated over a million dollars in less than a week – which will be used to roll out Cannatrek's digital healthcare assets across Australia, supporting its mission of providing affordable access to its growing patient base.

Mr. Huppert said equity crowdfunding represented an exciting new funding pathway for companies like Cannatrek. "Importantly, equity crowdfunding creates brand awareness for us in the large retail end of the market," he said. "We are a little unusual as we have already raised over $17 million to date, which has fully funded our operations."

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.