Cannabis seeds – an innovative plant

One of the most consumed plants worldwide has been cannabis or as marijuana is mostly known, its consumption is varied, but at present, research has shown that it can be used for medicinal reasons apart from the recreational way.

The great variety of cannabis seeds that are offered on the market come from a mix between the main underlying cannabis, in addition to the fact that most plants are female, since these are the ones that give the seeds.

What is meant by Cannabis?

Before talking about seeds, it should be understood that it is understood as cannabis or marijuana, which is a psychotropic commonly known as a "drug", which in many cases is used as a medicinal or recreational option depending on the consumer or context. 

But we must keep in mind that in some countries the consumption of cannabis is illegal and in others it is something totally normal both morally and legally, since there are products, establishments and even legal distribution for any user who is within the legal parameters for be able to consume it.

Cannabis has a molecule called THC which is responsible for the psychoactive or psychotropic effect, many everyday people, artists and even animals use this plant to relax or enhance their creative process. The use of cannabis begins at the height of the hippie movement where the largest consumers belong to this community.

Types of Seeds

Initially, cannabis has three underlyings, from which the different variables that we know and exist today can sprout, giving the possibility of creating more than 1,000 strains around the world. Cannabis Indica, Ruderalis and Sativa are the three underlying the main cannabis, what changes in all of them is the amount of THC, which makes the different plants vary in their effects of greater or lesser impact.

For example, the Indica has a lower level of THC, giving a relaxing effect, while the Sativa, due to its high level of THC, gives a greater psychoactive/psychotropic effect, in addition to whetting the consumer's appetite. On the other hand, Ruderalis is mainly used to combine with other types of strains due to its favorable ability to flower.

How to choose them

Your choice will depend on the way in which it is going to be consumed or applied, since there is a great variety, which is influenced by the genus or species that it has, many of them are a variable of the first three underlying ones in which the three variations Most sold to the public are:

  • Regular seeds. come from a hybrid between Sativa and Indica which are used depending on their phenotype for crossbreeding with other plants, for use to a lesser degree medical and for making cuttings due to their stability at the genetic level.
  • Feminized Seeds, is the type of seed that favors the grower since they are subjected to a process to ensure that all the plants are female, that is, they have previously been genetically modified so that their genes are XX.
  • Auto-flowering seeds, this type of seeds are a hybrid of the first three underlying ones (Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis), which has a much shorter cultivation cycle than the previous seeds, giving a somewhat smaller contribution in quantity and size but It is widely used for its speed to flower, being a somewhat viable option for small medicinal uses.
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Mark Bernberg
Mark Bernberg

Mark Bernberg is a long-time cannabis investing enthusiast and founder of The Green Fund, Asia Pacific's preeminent media house, positioned at the forefront of the global cannabis industry.