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No matter what type of consumer you are and what type of effects you're after, there is most likely a cannabis strain out there for you. Thanks to advancements in cannabis science and breeding techniques, cannabis cultivators are able to tweak all sorts of variables in their strains, including effect profiles, flavours and aromas.

With so many strains available on the market, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an experience tailored towards their needs. If you're a fan of strains that can provide energy and mental stimulation, while managing to be pretty damn tasty at the same time, then this next one might be what you're after. Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Candyland Strain.

Candyland (aka Kandyland) is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by the Bay Area breeder known as Ken Estes. This particular breeder was part of the team that bred the original Grandaddy Purple strain, which has since been cross-bred with the Bay Platinum Cookies strain to create Candyland. This strain produces incredibly fragrant buds but that isn't the only reason behind its popularity.

Candyland also has an enjoyable effects profile characterised by its mood-lifting, stress-relieving and mentally stimulating effects. It is a great get-up-and-go strain and will enhance any social activities or creative endeavours. Candyland is a popular strain in states such as California, Colorado and Michigan and it is also highly celebrated, having won a gold medal at the 2012 Kushcon Awards in Denver.


Candyland has a THC content which ranges between 16-21% THC, with an average of 18.5%. This is close to the same THC content you'll find in the average hybrid strain (approx 18.3%). While this is the case, Candyland can still be potent for novice consumers or in high doses, so caution is advised. There are no relevant amounts of CBD found within this strain.

After consumption, Candyland's high commences with an instant feeling of euphoria washing over your body. Although it starts off strongly, this feeling will begin to taper down as the high progresses, leaving the consumer feeling happy and uplifted. It can also cause instant relaxation while alleviating minor stresses.

While this strain can provide relaxation, it will do so without making the consumer feel sluggish or tired. Instead, Candyland provides a burst of energy and mental stimulation, which make this strain a popular choice for engaging in social or creative activities, where the mind is engaged. As such this strain is mainly recommended for daytime consumption rather than in the evening or at night.

This strain's mentally stimulating effects are best utilised when the consumer is keeping their brain active and focused on the present. Due to this strain's ability to provoke introspective thinking in the early stages of its high, it is not recommended for anyone prone to panic or paranoia.

Candyland has several handy applications for medical cannabis consumers. This strain's uplifting high is useful in managing the symptoms of conditions such as depression and PTSD. Although this strain can provide relief from stress, it is not recommended for treating anxiety due to the reasons listed above. The energy and stimulation this strain provides are also useful in combatting fatigue or lethargy.

Although other strains have proven more effective in this regard, Candyland is able to mitigate the pain from conditions such as chronic pain, joint pain and arthritis, while also relieving muscle tension. Some users have also found this strain useful in alleviating headaches and migraines.

Appearance, Smell & Taste

Candyland is quite a tall strain when fully grown, which is expected of sativa strains. It has thin sun leaves with tight, internodal spacing and small but dense buds. These buds are green in colour and a couple of shades darker than the typical bright green buds of other sativa strains. While normally a solid emerald green, shades of purple on the buds are not uncommon. These buds have a high concentration of shimmering trichomes and have dark orange stigmas protruding from them.

Candyland has a unique but pleasant fragrance with many elements. It contains a mixture of sweet, spicy, pine and herbal scents that can all be detected individually or as an enticing combination. Breaking apart the buds will uncover a more pungent and earthy aroma, accented by some sweet herbal and pine notes. The main terpenes present in this strain are caryophyllene (spicy), limonene (citrus) and humulene (hoppy).

Candyland's flavour profile matches its aroma, with a predominantly earthy flavour accented by hints of spice and sweetness. This sweetness contributes to a strong candy-like taste, hence the name of this strain. Complimenting the candy-taste are strong fruit and berry flavours that stick to the tongue upon inhalation. Subtle pine notes can also be detected in the smoke of this strain.


This strain was originally created by the well-renowned Northern Californian breeder Ken Estes. He is a celebrated breeder that is best known for the creation of the popular indica strain Granddaddy Purple and being the founder of the Granddaddy Purple Collective (GDP). Ken also has a number of cannabis clinics that can be found throughout California.

In regards to the Candyland strain, its seeds can be purchased from numerous online vendors such as True North Seed Bank and Sensible Seeds. The dry flower can be purchased at certain dispensaries scattered throughout the legal states of the US but is most likely to found in Western states such as California, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon.

In these dispensaries, 1/8 oz is likely to cost you anywhere between $40-60 AUD. Candyland concentrates, such as oil cartridges, shatter or resin can cost around $70 AUD for half a gram and $125 AUD for a full gram.

If Candyland sounds appealing but you weren't able to track it down, some strains with a similar effect or terpene profile include Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel and Acapulco Gold. For those after something different but just as sweet, some other strains to check out are Gelato, GSC, Runtz and Zkittlez.

The Candyland strain is yet another popular hybrid hailing from California that is bursting with flavour. Cannabis consumers who enjoy the sweeter strains should relish any opportunity to indulge in this strain's uniquely enticing taste. With equally stimulating and invigorating effects, Candyland is incredibly popular with consumers seeking a strain that gets them up and going throughout the day.


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