Can this Aussie Canna-Tech Company Crack The Multi-Billion Dollar Inflammation Market?

An Australian company that specialises in chemical free plant-based nano particle and water-soluble technologies has developed world first technology to produce self-emulsifying CBDa Raw Hemp product.

Their Cryex™ extraction breakthrough makes CBDa available as Raw Hemp, which is further enhanced with the company's 'self-emulsifying' BioPhos™ technology. This breakthrough makes CBDa water soluble once inside the body resulting in improved absorption.

"We are bringing true innovation to the international CBD market with our Raw Hemp product, with a US and European release in 2022 and Australian distribution discussions currently underway," said Phillip Ferguson, Nano Nutrients Co-Founder/CEO. "A 2013 Canadian study found the dose of CBDA required for effectively reducing nausea was approximately 1000 times lower than the dose for CBD. Other research has shown CBDA to be 10-100 times stronger than CBD for depression and 100 times stronger than CBD for pain."

The global Cannabidiol (CBD) Market size is set to exceed USD 108.8 billion by 2027, according to a research report by Global Market Insights Inc. Nano Nutrients Raw Hemp CBDa will be well positioned to tap into this growing market as it will be available in the USA and Europe in 2022. Talks are also underway with a licensed distributor for Australian distribution.

With this announcement, the company is expecting keen interest from Australian investors who are being given the opportunity to own shares in the company. The share offer will be managed by Birchal equity crowdfunding platform; Australia's most reputable equity funding platform.

"We believe this will be the most powerful CBD ever, as our product is proven to stay stable after bottling unlike some other companies that claim to have CBDa to then only be found that it has converted to CBD once lab tested," said Dan Schulz, Nano Nutrients Chief Science Officer.

The company's self-emulsifying CBDa Raw Hemp is just one application of the world first technology, another is its nano Curcumin product.

Nano Nutrients Comparison
The difference nano technology makes!

The global health implications of shrinking the Curcumin compound to hundreds of times smaller than a red blood cell are massive, as the turmeric derivative is already proven in peer reviewed studies to reduce inflammation. The company's chemical-free nano technology innovation could see dramatic improvements in the treatment of inflammation associated conditions such as pain, immune deficiency, cancer, dementia, and diabetes.

Curcumin from Turmeric spice is the most researched nutraceutical of all time with over 10,000 studies confirming its ability to safely treat inflammatory related conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and pain. Its only setback however is that it's not soluble in water and therefore the body can't absorb it. Our nano technology solves this problem making it easily absorbed by the body.Phillip Ferguson, Nano Nutrients Co-Founder/CEO

Confirming this is Dr Ramin Rohanizadeh, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. "Although Curcumin is effective in killing cancer cells, its low water solubility and inadequate bioavailability remain major limitations to its therapeutic application. Anti-cancer potency and cellular uptake is directly related to particle size, where Curcumin nano particles with the smallest size are the most potent."

Nano Nutrient Raw Hemp Product
Nano Nutrient Raw Hemp Product

Nano Nutrients set out to overcome the challenges of poor absorption into the body by developing a nano Curcumin ingredient it calls "CleanCurcumin™" that is used in its Nano Curcumin product. This proprietary technology produces the world's smallest chemical-free Curcumin particle size at just 70nm, that's also water soluble. And because it can dissolve into water, it can dissolve into you.

Our nano Curcumin is a world first by being manufactured using a process that is completely chemical and heat free and with a further benefit of also being water-soluble. Dan Schulz, Nano Nutrients Chief Science Officer

"Over the past 50 years the global dietary supplements market has become enormous, but it has drifted away from treating health naturally to an industry mostly full of synthetic ingredients and cheap shortcuts causing products to become less effective. The chemical free nano processing of botanical compounds is something the company has spent years researching.

An example of how the products are already helping people is Adelaide based Fly in fly out (FIFO) worker Rob Kleinig who has been using the company's Curcumin and Vitamin D3 products for some time.

According to Rob "these are the first products I have tried that really work. The severe inflammatory issues I was suffering after my liver transplant had me in and out of hospitals weekly with a very grim outlook. After adding these products to my daily routine I have enjoyed a tremendous improvement in my health, particularly with blood sugar control, breathing issues and my immune system. I literally can't be without them now."

Nano Nutrients Founders Phillip Ferguson and Dan Schulz
Nano Nutrients Founders Phillip Ferguson and Dan Schulz

Nano Nutrients believes its high technology health products will have a substantial impact in the soon to be USD 300 billion dollar plus global dietary supplements market. It will be launching in Australia in late September and then expanding globally from 2022 onwards.

The next few years will see Nano Nutrients strengthen its bases in Australia and South Africa, before moving into the US and European markets and releasing further product innovations. Money raised during its investment round will be used for rapid growth direct to consumer marketing systems, further intellectual property protection, inventory acquisition and release of the company's full product range.

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To invest in Nano Nutrients, go to the company's Equity Funding page

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