Bod Australia Secures its Place in the European Market with Another Binding Purchase Order.

The Australian cannabis giant secured a $200,000 purchase order for 4 Swisse branded hemp seed oil products to be sold in France, Netherlands and the UK.

Bod Australia Limited (ASX: BDA), is pleased to report that it has received a A$200,000 binding purchase order from exclusive global partner, Health & Happiness Group Limited (HKSE: 1112, "H&H") for four Swisse Wellness ("Swisse") branded hemp seed oil products. The products will be sold in France, as well as through existing channels in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, considerably broadening Bod's product offering in Europe. The products will be sold in soft gel cap form and designed to target specific need states including
sleep, energy levels, stress and general wellness.

The development marks Bod's entry into the French market. Bod and H&H will launch the productsdirectly to consumers in France through Swisse's established ecommerce channels. Distribution toretail outlets is earmarked for future development. H&H will initiate marketing campaigns to progress product uptake and awareness in the country, as well as manage distribution.
The new hemp seed oil products will also be sold through online channels in the United Kingdom,
the Netherlands and Italy. Bod will receive a royalty on net product sales, as well as a cost plus margin for the supply of its extracts and formulas, unlocking more revenue streams.

The binding purchase order follows a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union
("CJEU") on 19 November 2020 which ruled that member states cannot prohibit the marketing of
lawfully produced CBD. The CJEU ruled that CBD is not considered a narcotic and as a result, can be freely sold in the European Union.
The CJEU noted that, according to the current state of scientific knowledge, the CBD referenced in he hearing did not appear to have any psychotropic effect or any other harmful effect on human
health and therefore cannot be classified as a narcotic.

This landmark decision highlights a major shift for the sale of CBD and hemp in Europe and leaves
Bod well positioned to grow. Bod has an established footprint in the Netherlands and the United
Kingdom, with sales into Italy and France expected in Q1 2021. Bod and H&H will continue to
progress opportunities that will broaden sales channels and its European footprint.

Since securing our exclusive global agreement with H&H, we have been
focused on the European market. We have now achieved five major market entries, across Italy,
the Netherlands, UK, France and Australia and we remain confident that Bod will continue to
benefit from the sale of its products under a globally recognised brand.Bod Australia CEO, Jo Patterson

"This order further highlights the uptake we are achieving across our product range and the sale of
these hemp seed oil products in the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom will underpin
further revenue growth."

To learn more about Bod Australia visit the company HQ here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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Amaan Anand
Amaan Anand

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