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Cannabis cultivators love making new strains. By tweaking certain traits during the breeding process, they can alter the cannabis in crazy ways. Whether it's making the strains more potent, enhancing certain effects or cooking up incredible flavours, there are now more options for cannabis consumers than ever before.

This next strain is just one of many new dankenstein strains on the market that seem to have all the good features – in abundance. Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Biscotti Strain.

Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by the well-renowned breeders of the Cookies Fam. It is a cross between two premium strains in Gelato #25 (a phenotype of the Gelato strain) and South Florida OG. Depending on who you ask, another pair of extremely popular strains in GSC and Original Glue also play a part in Biscotti's genetic makeup. This impressive lineage has resulted in a truly premium and elusive strain. 

With an array of award-winning genes to pull features from, the Biscotti strain doesn't exactly struggle to market itself. This strain is a heavy-hitter and has some potent effects that will promote relaxation and stress relief. These effects are enjoyed by both recreational and medical cannabis consumers alike. The Gelato and GSC genetics are evident in this strain's flavour, which is commonly reported as one of the absolute best on the market.


As Biscotti is such an elusive strain and relatively new to the market, there isn't much information on its cannabinoid breakdown. However, this strain has a commonly reported THC content of 25%, with some phenotypes testing as high as 30%, which is staggering. The average hybrid strain has a THC content of around 18%, which would mean that Biscotti is well above average. As such this strain is considered incredibly potent with strong effects. It is definitely not recommended for novices and even experienced cannabis consumers should exercise caution when using this strain.

This strain is pretty much guaranteed to knock your socks off. The indica effects are strong with this strain as it provides profound relaxation in the mind and body. While this may result in couchlock, there is some cerebral stimulation present which allows thoughts to flow clearly, without any confusion, fogginess or lethargy.

The high commences quickly and comes on strong, beginning almost upon exhale. This can be felt in the head at first, as euphoria begins to emerge. Stress and focus dissipate as this strain manages to induce a strong sense of calm whilst tuning out the world around. While in this blissful state, any amusing stimuli may set-off a giggling fit. 

The body high commences shortly after, where this wave of relaxation travels slowly from the head downwards. Tension will be relieved in both the joints and the muscles and movement will flow more freely. Any aches and niggles could seemingly disappear. With the complete and total relaxation being felt in both the head and the body, consumers will most likely end up glued to their couch or in their bed. As such, this strain is mainly recommended for nighttime use. 

While it may seem that Biscotti was bred for recreational use due to its high THC levels, medical cannabis consumers can find many uses for this strain's potency. This strain can relieve pain, whether acute or chronic, while treating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. This relaxation can also be helpful in treating insomnia, especially for those who have difficulties sleeping due to pain or stress. 

Those who suffer from anxiety, depression or PTSD may find this strain helpful due to the strong stress relief and sense of euphoria that this strain provides. It can also be used to stabilise mood swings. It is important to note however, that anyone who is sensitive to panic or paranoia should avoid this strain, due to its high THC content. Other side-effects such as dry-eyes and cottonmouth are common with this strain.

Appearance, Smell & Taste

Biscotti has indica-typical features such as short stature and dense clusters of buds. These spade-shaped buds have a nice olive green complexion with hues of purple dotted throughout. These purple hues are due to pigments that are activated due to cold weather exposure during the growing phase. These buds are adorned by bright orange pistils and covered in a thick layer of trichomes. This high concentration of trichomes produces a sticky crystal resin which is responsible for the potency of this strain.

In addition to its potency, Biscotti's aroma and flavour are what makes this strain a knockout. The main terpenes present in this strain are caryophyllene (peppery) and limonene (citrusy), with myrcene (herbal) and humulene (hoppy) also present but in smaller amounts. This terpene profile produces a sweet and buttery scent, similar to the aromas of Gelato and GSC. Pepper, cinnamon and other spices can also be detected, making this strain smell like it came straight out of an organic bakery.

The main thing that stands out about Biscotti is its flavour. It is said to be one of the absolute best-tasting strains on the market, with a flavour reminiscent of snickerdoodle cookies. While it does have a sugary sweet taste, there are also some bitter notes, similar to a cup of coffee. Depending on which version of this strain you come across, you may also encounter some fruity, nutty and spicy flavours, much like actual biscotti. Due to the extravagant nature of this strain's flavour profile, vaporisation is the recommended method of consumption. While this strain will still taste nice if combusted, vaporising will enhance Biscotti's rich flavours.


This strain was first cultivated by the reputable Cookies Fam, who are responsible for many high-quality strains such as Gelato, one of Biscotti's parent strains. While this strain may be available from their dispensary in Los Angeles, it is still an exceptionally rare strain. The chances of finding it in the wild (i.e. outside of California) are exceedingly slim. Although it is beginning to make waves on the West Coast of the US, it is still a relatively new strain on the market and as such, there isn't much information available on it.

The seeds for this strain are currently unavailable for purchase online and the flowers are almost exclusively sold in California and occasionally in Amsterdam. As such, it is quite an expensive strain to purchase. This might not bother too many purchasers though. Due to its potency, you can get away with using a smaller dose of this strain. In a Californian dispensary, you are likely to pay around $40 AUD for a gram. If found in Amsterdam, you can expect to pay close to $65 AUD for a gram.

If you liked what you read about this strain and are bummed out about how hard it is to find, then don't worry. While they may not be as exceptional as Biscotti, there are similar strains that you can check out which are still high quality. These include Gelato, GSC and its phenotypes (Thin Mints GSC and Platinum GSC), Original Glue and Sunset Sherbet.

With its potent mind and body high and a flavour to die for, Biscotti's reputation as a 5-star strain is growing bigger every day. Thanks to the quality of its genetics and original breeders, this is an absolutely premium cut that is high on the lists of many cannabis connoisseurs. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to get your hands on this strain, as you could've stumbled onto something special. The Biscotti strain is gathering steam and looks set to make a splash in 2020 and beyond.


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