Axilla Strain Review

Are you looking for a strain to energize your body or just in the mood for relaxing? The Axilla Strain might be what you need. The buds from this pine jar will enhance your energy and later get you sleepy just as quick.

It is perfect for individuals who love Indica-dominant strain. The Bank Genetics created the rare weed and is a cross between Bubba Kush and Fall 97. It tricks you into thinking it brings Sativa effects but takes you to a relaxed mood. Although novice users might think they can handle these effects, experts recommend them to more experienced smokers.

The cannabis comes with round buds and features a unique combination of amber hairs, purple undertones and clear crystals with a sticky resin cover. Please read this review to learn everything about the strain if you plan to grind with it.

Does It Taste Any Good?

The most known feature of this strain's aroma and flavor, as reported by cannabis connoisseurs, is intense. You can feel it, especially when you break its nugs apart. 

Its flavor has a few fruity notes, which gives it an overall sweet smell. Users will love the sweet taste of berries and the tangy citrus taste.  

People who enjoy dessert strains will crave it thanks to the sweet berry notes with bits of candy and earth. However, it would be best to moderate puffing because Axilla has a diesel side that might bring a chemical taste. The whole profile comes up as a combination of sweet and spicy. 

Terpene Profile

  • Carene – 0.12%
  • Myrcene – 0.05%
  • Geraniol – 0.12%
  • Limonene – 0.14%
  • Linalool – 0.19%
  • Pulegone – 0.07%
  • Bisabolol – 0.07%
  • Terpineol – 0.14%
  • Phellandrene – 0.11%
  • Total terpenes content – 1.01%

Smoking Experience

A few puffs of Axilla will send the user into an elated haze. Most people have claimed that it gives them a short-lived feeling of euphoric energy. However, you need to utilize this period well because it doesn't last long. As the high progress, there is a considerable probability that the user will drift into mental and physical calmness. Eventually, it will leave you with some hunger and massive relaxation. 

It would be wise to have some snacks ready and choose a relaxing movie because you might not leave your couch for several hours. 

At the start of your smoking, you will feel cheerful, content and relaxed. Giggles will overcome you as cannabis takes you to a creative side. If your mojo had disappeared, you could trust Axilla to bring it back thanks to its euphoric and uplifting high.

The Indica side will put you into a night of sleep later. Because of this, it's wise to consume it in the evening. Note that the high doesn't last long and might not suit stoners who prefer more extended sessions. 

After several puffs, the high begins with a creeping feel which sneaks up at the back of the brain before it fills you with a happy mood of creativity. The euphoria might make you heady and leave you slightly unfocused and stoned but very happy. 

Because of the above effects and the super high, the Axilla strain is excellent for treating patients with chronic stress or depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and pain. Any person who wants to treat medical problems will find that cannabis comes with well-rounded benefits which can help in soothing a vast array of symptoms.

Persons with depression and anxiety will find it hard to form negative thoughts after smoking, while those with bodily pain say that it helps reduce discomfort. Insomnia or PTSD patients can benefit from it too.

Growers will find the plant great because it thrives on the outside and indoors. It would be best outdoors because plants can grow big and tend to produce an outstanding harvest. If you want to grow it, you'll be happy to know that it is available in clone and seed forms. Most growers are familiar with it for this reason. You will notice flowers coming in at approximately 60 days.

Where to Buy This Cannabis Strain in the US

There are many places to buy the Axilla strain in the US. If your state has legalized marijuana, go to a physical shop near you and ask the attendant to serve you. They are likely to have it in stock. The other alternative is ordering online. There are many online stores you can collect this strain, and they will deliver within a few hours.  

Some of the stores include:

  • The Joint Tacoma 
  • Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary Edmond
  • Maggie's Farm Marijuana Dispensary Colorado
  • Verilife Cannabis Dispensary | Cincinnati
  • Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

Not all stores you see on the internet are reliable. Here are a few tips when buying weed online:

  • Check reviews: Reputable marijuana shops have been operating for an extended period and usually have positive reviews from users and review sites. If a shop has many positive reviews, people trust that store.
  • Check prices and compare: Only buy from vendors with reasonable prices. If you suspect someone is trying to reap you off, run!
  • Reliable payment methods: An online shop should have secure and safe banking options where you can trace your cash if they fail to deliver.
  • Refunds: You need to confirm whether an online store has a refund policy. All trustworthy stores do.


The Axilla strain is an excellent cannabis strain for experienced smokers thanks to its salivating fruity flavors and known effects range. Again, please don't go too hard on it! The high can be overwhelming for starters. Depending on how long you've been taking weed and your tolerance level, you can get away with several puffs if you take it in the afternoon. However, we would recommend you wait until evening to indulge. It can also be perfect for lazy weekends and is famous for medical and recreational use.  

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