Australians rush to back new medical cannabis company – Medibis

More than 850 investors have expressed their interest in backing Australian-based medicinal cannabis company, Medibis, as it shares its commitment to distribute and eventually produce one of the most effective, patient-centric, and sustainably grown medicinal cannabis treatments globally.

Medibis has partnered with Birchal to invite Australians to help the company raise between $1-$2million to bring globally leading medicinal cannabis products to market in Australia, and prepare the company to build a multi-million-dollar production facility in Toowoomba.

Now as Medibis opens its crowdfunding live offer (Tuesday 3 August), cofounders Angus Chapel and Andrew Calvert say they've been humbled by the support of hundreds of Australians eager to invest in its mission.

It's been so exciting to see how many Australians support us in our vision to take our country forward as a leader in cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and production – and change the future of healthcare for patients with conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, cancer, and sleep disorders.Medibis Managing Director Angus Chapel

"The EOI process with Birchal has been incredible – to see more than 850 people registering their interest to invest has been very heartwarming. Now as the final offer opens, it's the last chance Australians have to invest in our future.

"We're proud to be moving in the right direction having invested years doing our due diligence to find the right location, systems, products, partnerships, and technology for our company."

"This capital-raising investment will help us eventually cultivate, manufacture, and distribute the best range of cannabinoid therapies for patients and get stuck into the research required to de-bottleneck the patient access gap," Chapel said.

Chapel and Calvert co-founded Medibis three years ago, turning their careers in mining, engineering and business executive leadership into medicinal cannabis after discovering the compelling science and research globally.

With their long-term plans to build an efficient, sustainable multi-million-dollar production facility in Toowoomba with diverse career prospects, right now the team is capital raising to fund the distribution of unique cannabinoid formulations via its global partner BOL Pharma.

BOL Pharma's 1/20% (THC/CBD) medicine will be available as raw cannabis flower and oil formulations for treating conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Tourette Syndrome, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS and appetite stimulation, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), epilepsy, insomnia, aged care, and palliative care.

In Australia, 69.8% of legalised medicinal cannabis prescriptions are pain-related. Depression and anxiety (5.85%), cancer or chemotherapy (9.3%), epilepsy or seizure (3.9%) and other (11.3%) are categories or medical conditions for which prescriptions are typically used or prescribed for.

"Studies here and abroad have proven medicinal cannabis is a powerful treatment for many debilitating conditions affecting so many Australians and people across the world. And with both of us knowing loved ones who have lived with or passed away from some of these conditions, we're passionate about improving the way patients access efficacious medical cannabis," Mr Calvert, Technical Director said.

Our proposed high-tech facility can produce consistently high-quality products in a very energy-efficient way. And that's great for patients because it means they get the same thing every time.Medibis Technical Director Andrew Calvert

"Toowoomba, as the fastest-growing economic development area in regional Australia and having optimal climatic conditions for growing cannabis, was the best location for calling this vibrant community our home."

"We also knew the exact site we needed – a site that creates optimal medicinal potency, while being sustainable, energy and cost-efficient. The precinct we're in promotes a 'circular economy' – where energy sources, products and waste streams are integrated and shared amongst many businesses to maximise operational efficiencies."

Medibis is also forging a research partnership with The University of Queensland, School of Veterinary Science, headed by Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology, Prof Paul Mills BVSc PhD MACVSc GCEd MPhil (Vet Ed) PFHEA.

"While THC's responsible for the addictive properties of cannabis, the other major active component, CBD, has an increasing array of beneficial properties associated with it in humans and animals," Prof Mills said.

"In dogs, CBD's been shown to have analgesic (pain-reducing) effects, leading to its use for chronic pain and arthritis. It's also being investigated for its potential to reduce seizures in epileptic dogs, particularly when traditional therapies are proving inadequate.

"An interesting potential use of CBD has been for separation anxiety – an increasing problem as society becomes more congested – with several owners of dogs showing separation anxiety reporting significant improvement following treatment with CBD."

Prof Mills said while further studies are required, CBD may offer a potentially useful and generally safe approach to this often debilitating condition.

"It's an incredibly exciting time to invite Australians and conscious investors to be part of building our company, and help us transform research and healthcare – while putting Toowoomba and Australia on the global healthcare map," Mr Calvert said.

It will help position Medibis as a leader in this medicinal cannabis industry, estimated to be worth $104 billion (USD) globally by 2024.

To register interest to invest in Medibis, visit before mid-July 2021. You can still invest even though the EOI is now closed.

About Medibis

Medibis is an Australian-owned and operated licensed medicinal cannabis company based in Toowoomba, Queensland. The company plans to construct and operate a pharmaceutical export-grade medicinal cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in the Toowoomba area.

Medibis plans to be a world-leading cultivator, manufacturer, researcher, and exporter of medicinal cannabis and related products to the Australian and global markets, and will be based at the FKG Group Toowoomba Precinct (AATLIS). Once Completed, the $180 million Medibis facility will employ up to 350 FTE's in the local Toowoomba area, of varying skill levels.

Australia's rigorous compliance and regulatory framework mean Medibis is strongly positioned to compete globally at the top end of the quality spectrum, as its sophisticated genetics program, energy systems, automation, and production model enable the company to produce world-class medicines of the highest efficacy and safety, and at a competitive price.

Go to Medibis for more information.

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