Applied Cannabis Research Launches Game-Changing Anxiety Study

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing stress levels to rise. Luckily, Applied Cannabis Research has launched a new study investigating the use of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for anxiety.

Australians are more anxious than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, as the death rate climbs, unemployment numbers continue to rise, and self-isolation begins to take its toll.

Thankfully, the team at Applied Cannabis Research—which is a division of Southern Cannabis Holdings (SCH)—has announced the launch of a new Research Study exploring the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment option for anxiety disorders.

Heightened fears among both patients and the broader public due to Covid-19 has made this the perfect time to explore the effects of CBD on anxiety. We are proud to conduct this study alongside other studies into Cachexia, Epilepsy and PTSD in order to push the boundaries in research into how medicinal cannabis can assist patients. Southern Cannabis Holdings CEO, Tim Drury

The study is currently recruiting 200 patients from across the country who suffer from anxiety and have exhausted all conventional therapeutic avenues, which will be run in conjunction with the healthcare chain CA Clinics.

The purpose of the study will be to examine the effects of CBD-based medication on chronic anxiety symptoms such as depression, Acute Stress Reaction, sleep disturbance, panic disorder (PD), dysregulation of appetite, PTSD, social anxiety disorder (SAD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

 "Current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, but no studies have investigated chronic CBD dosing, and there is a clear need to further explore its chronic and therapeutic effects in a clinical setting," principal research investigator Dr John Barlow said.

Patients who are chosen to participate in the trial may be eligible for free doctor consultations for the duration of the study, although they may still incur some product costs.

According to a member of CA Clinics Medical Advisory Board, Dr Mark Hardy, there has been an increase in patients demonstrating anxiety symptoms since the COVID-19 outbreak, which is of critical importance for those suffering from other chronic health conditions.

The world has been in a panic ever since the new Chinese coronavirus disease—which is now officially known as COVID-19—began stoking fears of a global pandemic in early 2020.

"It is imperative for sufferers to have access to the resources and treatment that can best assist them at this time, and Telehealth is certainly an increasingly important and safe avenue to provide this, as it requires no physical contact or travel – essential ingredients while the population is being urged to self-isolate," Dr Hardy said.

"Medicinal cannabis is increasingly being explored as part of GP mental health treatment plans for a range of conditions for which there is some evidence of efficacy including panic disorders, phobias and sleep disturbances."

"It may also provide benefits for more specific forms of anxiety such as PTSD as cannabinoids have been shown to change how the brain processes memories, and studies with Australian veterans suffering from PTSD are ongoing."

Research conducted by the mental health organization, Beyond Blue, indicates that anxiety may be experienced by up to 1 in 4 Australians, and anecdotal data suggests these numbers are on the rise due to the social uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anxiety sufferers have also proven enthusiastic about the study's launch, such as CA Clinics patient, Eli Turner, who stated that he was barely able to sleep or eat before he began CBD treatment.

"And when you have chronic pain, even if it doesn't hurt, your mind prepares for it and your body can seize up. CBD has replaced my anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories and painkillers all in one," Turner said.

"It's helped me relax, helped my joint pains, sleep right and eat well. It also had no side-effects for me while my anti-depressants did and would get a lot worse over time."

"Additionally, anti-depressants are addictive and stop you driving, whereas CBD isn't like that."

This pot stock could reach new heights in 2020 due to Coronavirus

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