Applied Cannabis Research Launches Appetite Stimulation Study

The study will be conducted in collaboration with CA Clinics and is one of the first of its kind globally.

A new study aimed at assessing the efficacy of THC-based medications for sufferers of cachexia was launched this week by Applied Cannabis Research (ACR), a division of Southern Cannabis Holdings (SCH).

The study's launch is the second groundbreaking trial announced by ACR in recent months, following the release of initial findings from its chronic pain study in December 2020.

The trial is expected to run over a 6-month period, with patient recruitment to be completed within a 10-week timeframe from 17 February to 24 April 2020.

On top of the obvious informational benefits of the study, this compassionate study offers an excellent starting point for patients who aren't contraindicated for THC to use a medication for no cost for a period of time, while being assessed and monitored in a safe setting. CA Clinics Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr Mark Hardy

ACR have also confirmed that the cost of medication and one-time TGA SAS B application fees will be funded under the study until 30 April 2020 on compassionate ground, although after this date they will be dispensed to patients at normal retail prices.

This will allow the organisation to gather additional data assessing the continuity of cannabis use in a "normal" environment.

Once the study is complete ACR intend to use the data to determine whether patients with cachectic conditions—such as cancer-related anorexia-cachexia syndrome (CACS)—see significant improvements in appetite and other quality of life measures.

The trial will be conducted in collaboration with CA Clinics, which will handle the assessment and intake of potential candidates during the 10-week recruitment period.

According to the Lead Researcher for Applied Cannabis Research, Dr John Barlow, the outcome of this study could have a significant impact on the management of cachexia symptoms in future.

"This study will be one of the first clinical opportunities in the world to assess and collect data that compares long-term safety of THC-dominant medications against currently available treatments," Barlow said.

"Australia is ideally positioned to undertake this type of research because of its world class healthcare framework and pharmaceutical quality standards."

If you are a doctor and have patients who you feel may be suitable, or wish to discuss the study further, then you can contact CA Clinics on 1300 991 477 or email them at [email protected]. Alternatively, contact Applied Cannabis Research to discuss this study or any one of a range of other studies they are currently conducting.

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Hugo Gray

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