Althea Group Launches CBD100 – A Full-Spectrum CBD Medicine

Althea Group Holdings has announced the launch of CBD100 – a highly concentrated, full-spectrum CBD product – which should substantially increase Althea's patient numbers.

After announcing it had prescribed medicinal cannabis products to a total of 2,705 patients, Althea Group Holdings (ASX: AGH) has now announced the launch of CBD100, a highly concentrated, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oral oil product.

The product also contains small traces of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids, with less than 1mg per ml of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in cannabis which gets users high. The company states that CBD100 will be Althea's most highly concentrated CBD medicinal cannabis product.

Althea states that CBD100 brings a competitive advantage over competitors who typically use CBD devout of any other cannabinoids – often called isolate CBD – in that CBD100 contains a host of cannabinoids such as CBG, THCV and others in order to attain the Entourage Effect. Researchers believe that the Entourage Effect yields more therapeutic value for consumers.

According to Cannvalate, one of Australia's largest network of prescribing clinics,'CBD only' products account for approximately 30% of their total prescriptions, showing a promising market for Althea's new cannabinoid medicine. The potential marketability for CBD100 is backed up by Cannabis Access Clinics, who state that Althea's CBD100 has the potential to address a significant proportion of their clientele.

Dr Sud Agarwal, CEO of Cannvalate stated that "Althea CBD100 contains minimal THC (<0.08%) and so should meet the needs of Cannvalate's network of 1000+ doctors, especially those who want a pure CBD product, those who are concerned about driving impairment and for certain pediatric patient populations."

CBD100 is also Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, which ensures that Althea's products are of high quality.

Launching Althea CBD100 fills an important gap in our existing product portfolio.Josh Fegan, Althea Group Holdings CEO

Fegan went on to say that "based on our extensive market research including discussions with various clinics, doctors and patients, we believe that Althea CBD100 will be well received in the marketplace. We are very proud of the fact Althea CBD100 is formulated and manufactured in Australia under GMP."

The news of CBD100 follows Althea's recent announcement that the company is on track to reach 4,000 patient prescriptions in Australia by the end of 2019, with medicinal products prescribed by 348 Healthcare Professionals.

On top of this, Althea continues to make significant progress in the United Kingdom. This week, the Company received further Home Office import licences for supply of Althea's medicinal cannabis products. The Company has already forged an industry-leading position in the UK, an emerging medicinal cannabis market with significant potential.

To learn more about Althea Group Holdings, visit their company HQ here.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.

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  1. You never say how much anything costs, I'm really trying to stick with the program, but am finding the Althea Champlain 21:4% THC & very little CBD. I don't find it is as affective without CBD ! I know it has something like 1:07% CBD, but I don't get the' enterouge ' effect at all with just the hybrid Indica strain, + I went from the Capilano 1:1, & didn't realise the Champlain would be different. I get my CBD from a herb shop for 200$ for a solution of 1000MG whole plant, full spectrum 100% organic CO2 hemp extract, MCT , brand name 'Nordioil ' 50ML total solution. I have to mix with Champlain, I still don't have any 'enterouge ' anything, it costs more than weed for me, I'm really poor & this is a difficult situation. Do you make a Sativa oil, the neuropathy has lessened, & my migraines are easing but I don't laugh anymore and I feel less depressed, but alone, your Champlain does not have the desired less sleepiness please,! How much! Sativa? Please! Do you make a 2:2?

  2. You still have not answered my my questions, Althea!!! I am a verification legal medicinal cannabis oil user, and find Altheas overall conversation with me inept. They keep saying that because I am in Australia, that can't give me any information, but Althea has the 2nd most common prescription for medicinal cannabis oil in the country!!! They've got a monopoly on the South Australia n practices and I am writing to express my concern about their higher prices and less information & no ,'enterouge' affect, let's see if the CBD 100 can pull it off… that's if I can afford it!!!!!

    1. Try the Tilray CBD 100mg. That's great for during the day. I'm still trying to figure out my night balance without actually smoking. So my costs are really high as I am buying the tilray cbd 100mg at about $380 for 50mls and the price has come down. I rate the tilray but it's a lot.
      And then the Champlain 100ml thc 20.19% costs me $275 from the same chemist. My dr said that's the strongest but it seems your Champlain is a higher thc %.
      I'm not mixing the oils. But I know what you mean about the Champlain. And it seems predominately popular here in oz.

      Good luck.

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