The Green Fund is a preeminent media and news provider, operating at the forefront of the global marijuana market. We are committed to driving the industry forward by spotlighting the sector from all angles, providing a constant stream of breaking news, in-depth analysis, and valuable insight into every company operating in the cannabis sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate all people about the plant, its promise, and the limitless possibilities it can provide. More importantly, we want to pioneer the story of the drug that is becoming the greatest healthcare disrupter of our era. We want to bring social awareness to both investors and followers of the green rush, as the global veil of prohibition is lifted, and the face of modern medicine is changed forever.


The cannabis industry is seeing unprecedented growth due to decriminalisation on a global scale. We believe that the sector will continue evolve into an unparalleled market disruptor in the coming years, with the potential to upend multiple vertical markets.


Medicinal marijuana has now been approved across various states in the USA, as well as countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany and more. We believe that cannabis will continue to gain mainstream support and approval as further global markets move to legalise the plant. Our goal is to ensure that marijuana enthusiasts and potential investors alike have the information they need to get in on the booming green rush.