85 Kilograms of Cannabis Seized Near Bryon Bay

Two men have been charged for allegedly transporting 85 kilograms of cannabis after a being stopped for a traffic offence.

Australia's medicinal cannabis prescriptions hit record highs in the last couple of months, while the number of SAS-B approvals in the country shows exponential growth year on year. Additionally, earlier in November, the U.S. saw 5 states legalize cannabis for either recreational or medicinal use in what can only be described as a "Green wave." Furthermore, a poll conducted by Gallup revealed unprecedented support for marijuana legalization in the U.S. with 68% of the population backing the legislation: yet another indication of the progressive stance on this topic.

It seems that the positive effects of the cannabis industry is evident, yielding strong economic and medicinal benefits for the countries and states that progress to adopt legalization, however, the effects of prohibition are still being felt across Australia.

On Thursday 19th of November during a traffic offence stop on the Pacific Highway at Ewingsdale, police officers found 85 kilograms of cannabis after searching the vehicle involved.

During the encounter, the police officers found the 2 men aged 23 and 24, to be suspicious after speaking to them which eventually lead to the search.

The 2 men was allegedly charged for commercial quantity, and drug possession after the search revealed 186 packages of cannabis.

Source: 9News

The two men could face a maximum penalty of $590,000 and/or 20-25 years imprisonment depending on the drug and circumstances if found guilty in Queensland.

Since 1998, studies determined that the number of people who used cannabis at least once in their lives was estimated to be 39% of the Australian population over the age of 14: this number is known to have increased significantly since then.

In recent studies on how Australians use medicinal cannabis lead by Professor Lintzeris, an online survey reveal that more than 1,300 people found that while the medicinal cannabis use is widely known for many reasons such as chronic pain to mental health conditions, the majority of participants do not gain access to these goods through legal means.

Perhaps it is fair to say that the need for full legalisation has always been there as we restructure the collective ideals on this health issue further and reveal more evidence to support and justify the movement.

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Farid Mohammed Nor
Farid Mohammed Nor

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