8 Ways to Grind your Cannabis Without a Grinder

If you're reading this, it means you've found yourself in a situation with weed, and no grinder to break up the plant – a sticky situation indeed. Well, we've got you covered with these innovative ways to grind the plant without a grinder.

Did you ever find yourself out partying at a friends place, with a bag of weed, and no grinder to grind it? Don't worry, we've all been there! Do you feel as if the world is going to crash on your head if you don't smoke some weed, yet you can't grind it without a grinder…or can you?

Read on to see how you can grind weed in 8 ways, using regular kitchen appliances and common things you have lying around.

1. Use a coffee grinder.

If you've invited a few friends but that one friend forgot to bring his weed grinder, don't worry. You still have a coffee grinder, right? It's right there in the name, after all. Wash it first, grind the weed as you would coffee, and then wash it clean again. You really don't want to get high on coffee the next day. It's not a pretty experience.

2. Pestle and mortar

If you have an old pestle and mortar lying around, you've got yourself a perfect weed grinder. Make sure to leave the weed dry out for a few hours before grinding it down with the mortar and pestle! As always, make sure you wash them after using them, just in case you'll be grinding other food thingies in the future.

3. Knife the weed down on a cutting board

This is one of the simplest options on this list. While it's not the most efficient, since you have to put in more effort, it's a good improvisation. Next time, make sure you have a specialized weed grinder on hand! You should be using a non-serrated blade like a chef's blade but anything works as long as it's sharp enough.

4. Cheese grater

There's no way you don't have one of these lying around in your kitchen. It's a simple and very efficient way of grinding your Bluefin Tuna cannabis strain down and smoke it with your friends. Keep something thin and sharp on hand, as you'll probably have to dig out the weed from the crevices on the grater.

5. Improvised Shaker/Blender Device 2.0

We might be patenting this idea if it wasn't so simple. Picture this – you're on the road with your buddies and you happen on a bag of weed, let's say it's a Wedding Cake strain of weed. It doesn't matter where it came from, just bear with me. You have the weed but you don't have a grinder, and you're dying for a smoke. What do you do? Well, improvise a grinder, of course. See if any of your friends has a plastic container like a plastic bottle. Next, place a few heavy coins in the bottle and then put the weed in there. Start shaking the bottle until the weed is ground enough. Don't over do it with the shaking though!

6. Put your hands to work

You might not have known but your hands, you know, the things with fingers at the end of your arms, can be used to grind down weed. True, they're far from being as efficient as bona-fide grinders, but hey, do you want to smoke weed or not? Thought so! Just break off the bigger nugs with your dexterous fingers and grind the smaller bits down using your fingernails. Wash your hands both before and after grind down the weed. You never know!

7. Scissors and a shot glass

Imagine you're out partying, you've had a stressful week, and someone takes out a bag of weed – the perfect thing to improve your mood. Instantly, you start drooling, but then realize that no one has a weed grinder. Here's a quick idea – take a pair of scissors and a shot glass (empty, if possible). Place the weed in the glass and use the scissors to snip, cut, eviscerate and otherwise grind the weed down in any way possible.

8. Blender, the real thing this time

Again, you're out partying and it just so happens that you have a bag of weed with you. I wonder how it got there! Well, you want to have a smoke but you don't have a grinder, scissors, shot glasses, plastic containers, knives, or even hands to grind the weed down. That's right, you're armless. Use a blender then! Just place the weed there (with someone else's hands?) and turn it on. Switch it to Pulse mode where you control when it blends. This is the option you choose when there's literally no other way. Make sure you have a weed grinder next time!

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.

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