$6 Million in Cannabis Seized in South Australia

South Australian police uncovered more than $6 million of dried cannabis and plants across 19 homes in a major cannabis seizure.

After criminal investigations by South Australia police, a major drug raid was carried out against an international drug syndicate and their Adelaide cells.

There were a total of 642 cannabis plants, 61kg of dried material, $29, 000 cash and one vehicle seized by South Australian police.

Sophisticated hydroponic operations were found in 12 of the 19 raided properties, with no evidence of anyone living in any of them. All properties had their electricity meters bypassed to avoid detection.

Three men aged 37, 39 and 40 were arrested and charged with various drug-related charges including cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis, trafficking, theft of electricity and money laundering. It is suspected that the drugs were being circulated around the country, with money being sent to European institutions.

Serious and Organised Crime Branch officer in charge Detective Superintendent Stephen Taylor said the seizures and arrests should act as a deterrent to others involved in organised crime rings.

"While they might be enjoying the benefits of their criminal enterprise with their high-end vehicles and luxury homes, there's a fair chance they will be caught," he said.

"They are rolling the dice with their own freedom and at some stage, their number will come up and they'll have plenty of time to reflect on whether it was all worth it.

"It is also a timely reminder for those renting properties to ensure that they follow tenancy guidelines and processes," he said.

"In many of these cases, landlords have entered into cash arrangements without bonds and have failed to conduct inspections."

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the trafficking of drugs across Australia and worldwide due to travel restrictions. Supt. Taylor said there is evidence to suggest drugs were still crossing state borders in trucks and through the postal service.

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Laura Desmond
Laura Desmond

Laura Desmond is an Adelaide-based writer with a keen interest in the arts, gender politics and social change. She is currently working to obtain a Master in Writing through Swinburne University.

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