5 Reasons To Use a Weed Grinder

We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Whilst we do not condone any acts which are contrary to any such laws, we understand that readers in those jurisdictions which have decriminalised cannabis may find this article of interest.

People usually take grinding, as a herb preparation step, with trivial importance. They usually fail to observe the significance of this step. In reality, it is more than just a regular chore as a weed grinder can greatly influence the quality of the vapours.

In fact, a high-quality weed grinder can actually even enhance a vaping experience. They are necessary to transform the herbs into ac more refined form — something which is difficult to achieve with hands, and fingers, alone. Before diving a little deeper into how a grinder can significantly benefit your session, consider first the types of grinders available.

Electric grinders

This is for the millennial looking to get maximum value with minimum effort. They are simply the most convenient way to grind your herbs. Add herbs, click and forget. But, you pay for convenience, and the downside to these grinders is their sky-high prices. The purists will laugh at people willing to fork out the big bucks on a product that should stay a manual one. However, if convenience at any price is your vibe, then then this is the place to start looking for your electric weed grinder.

4 piece weed grinder

Four-Piece, Three Chamber Grinders

They have three compartments; one for catching kief, one for grinding and the remaining one for the collection of your herb. While they may be pricier than the rest of the manual range, many purists want to catch the kief (see below) and this requires an additional layer, or chamber, for capture.

Two-Piece, Single Chamber Grinder

This type of grinder does not have a kief catcher or the collection chamber, but just the lid and the grinding compartment. The benefit of having this grinder is its extreme portability.

As you can see, not every grinder is just a grinder. There is much choice both in variety and quality in the market. No matter what you choose, a good grinder can really add value to your herbs. So, without further ado, here are a couple of good reasons to use a weed grinder to better enjoy your herbs.

#1 Better consistency

Without a good grinder, it is difficult to get an even consistency, which is essential for the even extraction of the vaporous substances within the herbs. The flavour of the plant depends more upon its consistency than the type of device you use it to enjoy it with. The herbs with even consistency will burn evenly giving you a constant flow of flavourful vapours.

#2 Thicker vapours

One of the most common complaints people have with vaping is the lack of cloud (vapour cloud). People generally like a big cloud, as it creates the perception (which becomes the reality) that they got a good hit from the device. However, when there isn't a big cloud of vapour, in most cases, it is not the vaping device that is at fault but the method used to grind the herbs. The thickness significantly depends upon how well the weed is textured.

What happens is that the surface area of the fuel increase in the powder form and the heat is able to reach more fuel. Thus, generating thicker clouds. Also, the vapours will taste much better with stronger hits.

#3 More intense natural hits

When the plant is poorly ground with one's hands, it makes it difficult to release the full potent combination of compounds and terpenes present within the herb. Most vaping devices for herbs are designed to have the vaping chamber filled (quite compactly) with ground herbs. This, in turn, leads to thicker vapours with richer flavours.

#4 Denser fuel tanks

Weed lovers will tell you that when the tank or bowl isn't filled well enough, the result is not as per expectation. With properly ground weed, you can fill the bowl or chamber densely – which as we mentioned above leads to better flavour – and ultimately a better hit and desired outcome (this could be both for medicinal or recreational usage). Interestingly, even with denser bowls and a more compact filling of the chamber, if a good grinder has been used in this process, you will actually use less weed get better longevity from your stash.

cannabis kief

#5 Catch the kief

Speaking of longevity. Kief is one of the parts of the cannabis plant, that makes weed so unique and potent. It is actually a cannabinoid-rich concentrate extracted from the tiny hairs found on weed buds. By using the latest grinders that come with a mesh screen, you can efficiently catch chief that you might otherwise lose. Kief can then be applied to the session by adding it manually to the chamber, or by using other product forms, such as moonrocks.

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