4 Cannabis Brands You Should Get To Know

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, and cannabis products continue to grow more popular, an increasing number of brands are entering the space. Let's find out which ones to pay attention to.

Cannabis brands are popping up by the dozens. Everyone wants to get in on the billion-dollar industry that's growing every minute. 

But, with so many cannabis brands to choose from, how do you decide? 

Sure, you try a few here and there until you find one that speaks to your soul. 

Still…suggestions never hurt. 

Some of these brands you might already know, but they're so amazing that they had to make this list. 

1. Autumn Brands

One amazing thing about this brand is that it is 50% owned and operated by women, and since only 27% of the cannabis industry belongs to brands owned by women, it's kind of a big deal. 

This brand believes in sustainability and grows its flowers organically with no pesticides. They grow outdoors, but in a greenhouse set up, which they attribute to the high-end quality. 

They have a wide selection of strains available, and they make vape cartridges as well. Autumn Brands is the best choice if you're looking to connect with a brand that's focused on health, wellness, and family values. 

2. Deuce 22

Deuce 22 is a company created by NBA legend, John Salley, and his daughter, Tyla Salley. They've connected with local growers that are committed to producing the highest quality cannabis on the market. 

Since Deuce 22 was created by people of color, both John and Tyla understand the stigma attached to cannabis, especially those in African-American communities. 

John mentioned that he has friends serving 20-year prison sentences for growing cannabis and touches on the institutionalized racism that surrounds cannabis and people of color. Stories like this are all too common, unfortunately, and they intend to change that narrative with Deuce 22 and educating the masses all while producing quality products. 

3. Honey Pot

As consumers, we can't get enough of the companies that find a way to create a unique niche for themselves, and Honey Pot has achieved that! 

There are all kinds of cannabis companies out there, but the folks over at Honey Pot saw a massive gap in the market for cannabis-infused honey products. 

Naturally, they've branched out into a variety of products such as topicals and vape pens. Not to mention, they've won multiple awards in High Times and the SoCal Times for their products that the masses have come to know and love. 

4. Kiva Confections

Kiva is arguably one of the most popular edible companies in the country. You're probably wondering what makes this company so unique? What sets them apart from the competition? 

One word—hash!

They create their chocolate bars with premium chocolate and expertly combine that pristine cocoa with cold-water hash free from chemicals and artificial flavorings. 

They're not new to the cannabis world, they've been around since 2010. They've only grown since then and show no signs of slowing down. 

Finding Quality Cannabis Products

Locating quality cannabis products is like any other product you're looking into. You need to look into the company, see what their overall mission is, and then you need to understand how they grow their cannabis. 

This is important because once you've experienced clean cannabis without pesticides and other chemicals, you can't go back. Not only that, but it's horrible for your health.

When you're looking for the perfect product from the best brand, think about what type of product fits your lifestyle. There are plenty of CBD vape pens that are convenient and discreet, but not all of them will be the quality you want. That's why you've got to dig in and research a bit. 

At the end of the day, it's cannabis. There's a lot of companies making some great cannabis products. Poke around the web and read up on some of these up-and-coming brands—you'll be happy you did.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.

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