23 September 2018 – It's Running

The week in Review

The Portfolio has been performing exceptionally in September. Currently, up 75% for the year, the month to date sees far more winners than losers.

For the month so far

The Winners

  • Liberty Health Sciences up 36%
  • Aurora up 40%
  • Cronos Group up 43%
  • And The Green Organic Dutchman up a whopping 57%

The Losers

  • Only stock down more than 10% is GrowGeneration

If you had simply invested on the 1st of September you would already be 17% up for the month. 17 out of the 26 stocks that make up The Green Fund's portfolio were up more than 10% for the month. That's over 65% of the portfolio.

Liberty Health Sciences

  • Liberty is best placed to take advantage of the booming Florida market
  • Estimated to be worth $1bn by 202, this is a great state for them (and will be even more once recreational is legalised – no date on this yet)
  • They have made a small purchase to gain access to Massachusetts and have one dispensary in Ohio (this is not really significant)
  • The issue with the stock is two-fold.
  • They are still really only in one state, hence a 1-trick pony
  • Their management team does not have enough significant depth to it (as opposed to  other management teams like CannaRoyalty, iAnthus, Canopy etc)
  • However, valuation is very reasonable and we see big upside for them.

Aurora Cannabis

  • Poor performer year to date but the Coca-Cola deal could be very close!
  • Has not had the same hyper growth its peers have had since Canopy-Constellation II
  • They are moving to the Nasdaq or NYSE in October. Expect the price to pop, as is being seen on all other big-name players on the American Exchanges
  • There is still execution risk as Aurora Sky not yet fully operational
  • Deal with Coke could be phenomenal

Cronos Group

  • A great company to watch
  • Been feeling the love of being a Nasdaq listed stock
  • Volumes have been massive (over $1bn last week) and the stock price is really moving
  • Their new relationship with Ginko Bio is very smart
  • Pharmaceutically well placed
  • Very smart and competent management team
  • We are very bullish but feel the valuation is a little high right now

And, as for the coming week, we will be focussing on 3 stocks we think could pop next week.

We're buying

  • MPX Bioceutical
  • Liberty Health Sciences
  • TerraTech

More on these next week.

Up 17% for the month, and they told you money doesn't grow on trees.

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Mark Bernberg
Mark Bernberg

Mark Bernberg is a long-time cannabis investing enthusiast and founder of The Green Fund, Asia Pacific's preeminent media house, positioned at the forefront of the global cannabis industry.

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